Tri Con KW – Day one


So, for those that do not know me, I am a nerd and a huge one at that. When given the opportunity, I enjoy communing with my fellow nerds and sharing our nerdy loves with one another.

Day one was absolutely brilliant. for those that like to people watch, going to a convention is an unparalleled experience. People of different backgrounds come together for a common cause. People blend fantasy and reality through conversation, cosplay and games. People enjoy themselves with little to no reservations.

On a personal note, I love the experience. This is only my second intentional -con experience (Hubby and I accidentally stumbled on a steampunk convention in the summer) and I would never imagine NOT going to these conventions. It is an immense amount of fun and you get to meet people with the same interests as yourself (in person) that you never would have otherwise.

Speaking of the people, the creativity of these individuals is absolutely brilliant. The vendors at this show are largely creating handmade, original items that entertain the mind,eye and heart. All of the unique works there are absolutely beautiful, but I am going to highlight a few of the vendors I purchased from:

High Comedic Value – The comic I purchased from Husein was funny, cute and thoughtful. While it is not his day job, you can tell he loves his craft and lets his fun, layered humour shine through.

Cheshire Grynne – So much adorable. My husband bought a (Zelda) Master Key keychain that absolutely won both of our hearts. The 8-bit style of the pressed bead art is both cute and smart. The artist, Amy Williams (not THAT Amy Williams), was fun and energetic. The highlight for me was her pressed button Misha Collins portrait. it was beautifully done – my only complaint is that not enough people will see the piece. It is art.

Hunter Geek – Who wouldn’t love a hand-stitched TARDIS pin for their bag? I knew I wanted one and when I asked very nicely, Allanah whipped up a red-lined one for me no problem. Her speed was impressive as was her span of the fandoms. While we were circulating at the con, she whipped up an Animal Crossing commission that had everyone around going “Awww!” Her David Tennant stitch was a thing of absolute beauty. There was so much there, I honestly can’t mention everything.

Ringcrafts – A perennial favourite of mine, the husband/wife duo that runs this business are not only wildly talented but wonderful people. This is the second time I have bought off of them. My husband owns a chainmaille tie from them (continuous compliments/inquiries) while I own a variety of jewellery. Today saw the purchase of some earrings and a penguin pendant. They are all handmade and the owners will custom size anything you like. There is one thing I outwardly covet of theirs – the 12-foot chainmaille replica of the fourth doctor’s scarf. It is a little out of my price range, but oh my goodness is it gorgeous.

That was day one  I will be writing more later.. but now I must be off to begin day two!



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