Tri-Con Day 2


Sorry this took so long – life got in the way. It has a pesky way of doing that, no?


Day two of Tri Con and all is well. I have had the chance to talk with some amazing people during the past 24 hours. There are some great personalities attending this con. There are also some gorgeous cosplayers wandering the event. Yesterday I recognized Sam and Castiel from Supernatural, Irene Adler from Sherlock Belle, Tinkerbell and a plethora of other Disney princesses,  Judge Dredd and Peter Pan. Today has seen Captain America, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, and the 11th Doctor. Again, these are only the ones I recognized.

That aside, I got to mingle with the crowds, talk to my fellow geeks and do some serious networking! I actually got to chat with a few cohorts about social media and will be following up with a few in the near future.

I am loving going to these events and will continue as often as I can.


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